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About me

A photo of me

Although it is expected from every personal web page to have a section regularly called "About me," it is, nevertheless, the hardest piece to write. It is not only that we keep learning through our whole life "who we are," but also we are continuously being changed by the experience and the knowledge we gain every day. Therefore, I find impossible to write something meaningful and complete in this section that I will not wish to change tomorrow. But at least I could put some superficial facts about myself while for more, I hope, the rest of the content on this website will speak.

I come from Croatia, but I live in Hamburg, Germany for the past two years where I am pursuing my Ph.D. in physics, or, to be more specific, high-energy astrophysics. About many diverse subjects besides physics, I like to read, ranging from philosophy, political economy, history to astronomy, mathematics and computer science. Sometimes I play the guitar and try to capture photos in an artistic way.

And one paragraph about the website. I see this website as a repository of various content which I create and consider worthy of publishing. Many works which I had originally published elsewhere I put here as a form of backup.

To contact me, visit Contact.

Enjoy the stay.